Luxury holiday homes in Bulgaria

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At Schosha we individually tailor our property packages to suit the needs and requirements of all our clients giving them 2 distinct methods of owning their holiday home in the sun.


Co-Ownership is an innovative concept which allows our clients to only buy that part of the ownership that they can / will actually use which is a cost effective method of buying a holiday home.

Each buyer will own a one eighth share of the property (or multiples of) with a right to occupancy for 6 weeks a year in 3 periods of 2 weeks. Their name will appear on the title deed (unlike timeshare) giving the buyer a heritable asset which can be sold at any time thus benefitting from the capital appreciation.

Direct loans of up to 50% of the property share price are available from Schosha.


This allows our clients to purchase a property outright giving them 365 days access each year, good rental returns and an appreciating asset.

Shared Equity means that the purchaser only pays 70% of the asking price of the property and Schosha provides an interest free loan for the remaining 30%, yet you own 100% of your property.

Our equity stake is in the form of an interest free loan over 5 years, which is a 2nd security loan if there is to be a mortgage on the property. Clients can repay all or part of the loan at any time and the 30% equity stake will always be based on the valuation of the property at that time.



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